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Innovation regularly shapes the restaurant industry. As tech and food trends change, there are new ways to manage operations. From restaurant inventory management systems to ordering apps, there are numerous ways that a restaurant can accelerate business in the digital age. 

The way a business operates will dictate the level of customer satisfaction. When you implement software to simplify such processes, you create a better customer experience. Restaurant technology companies are improving how eateries do business worldwide. Let’s learn more about five new kinds of new technology in restaurants that are disrupting the industry.

Revolution Ordering1. Omni-Channel Ordering Systems 

Omni channel order fulfillment systems can change the way you do business. For restaurants, it means that customers can choose how to pay for and receive their food. Take-out and delivery are increasingly popular, so it’s crucial that restaurants can cater to their entire customer base. 

Another great benefit of omni-channel restaurants is the access you’ll have to consumer insights. Customer data is essential for digital ordering platforms. Omni-channel ordering can assist with your inventory management system, too.

It tracks customers’ order history, allowing you to gauge the trends and popularity of various high demand products. With this information in mind, restaurants can take inventory more accurately. 

Remember, omni-channel ordering doesn’t end with delivery options. By establishing an omni-channel restaurant, you’ll provide customers with numerous ways to pay the bill. New technology in restaurants that consumers also enjoy is tabletop payment methods. 

Tabletop payment methods with options for debit credit, mobile payments, and more allow the turnover rate to be much quicker. More on payments via tablets later on.

2. Live Order Monitoring 

Time management is a valuable tool for consumers and businesses. Live order monitoring allows hosts to report to the kitchen, which assists operations. At the same time, customers can view their order status. 

Restaurants that provide their customers with accurate data are trustworthy. By offering order updates, customers will become more loyal and likely to visit again. Such updates let them know that food prep and timely service are equally important. 

Restaurant operations keep the staff pretty busy. When customers can check their order status, it eliminates numerous phone calls to the business. Plus, this elimination of contact also decreases the amount of communication hosts will have with delivery drivers on the road. 

Delivery drivers can directly benefit from order updates and innovative restaurant technology. After loading their vehicle, order updates can guide them to customers in the correct order. Everyone will receive their food at the expected time; therefore, every customer will experience great service. 

3. Pay-At-Table Services

Pay-at-table services are a new restaurant technology that enhances the experience for both customers and servers. Quick service streamlines restaurant operations. Such services are a new technology in restaurants that eliminates the time it takes for wait staff to stop by, making it simpler for customers. 

Elevate the casual dining experience by allowing customers to pay and leave at their discretion. Does your staff get super busy? Maybe you’ve even seen long wait times reflected in your servers’ tips. If so, you can eliminate the hassle with payment processing devices for each table. 

Pay-at-table services make the processes simpler for restaurants, too. When customers can order food and pay the bill themselves, the turnover is quicker. The faster customers enjoy their meals and pay their checks, the more consumers you can serve. 

Payment devices are a form of innovative restaurant technology that processes secure payments, boosting customer loyalty. Plus, they eliminate the handling of debit or credit cards, which many people prefer.

If these devices in a restaurant also feature restaurant menus (which we recommend they should), customers can spend more time browsing and checking nutritional information. Consumers with allergies or dietary restrictions will appreciate this feature, as it allows them to feel sure of what they want. 

4. Marketplace Order Insertion 

Premium marketplace menu pricing is a game-changer in the food industry. With marketplace order insertion, restaurants can place orders from customers across popular marketplaces into their own POS systems. Though tablets are helpful for businesses, this new restaurant technology eliminates the number of devices needed for operations.

Premium pricing within off-premises businesses is even more critical for delivery services. Studies show that consumers aren’t as sensitive to higher prices when they receive convenience. So, restaurant enterprises can maximize profits (learn more about how to price a menu). 

Direct to POS submissions allow restaurants to gather data they might not be able to receive otherwise. Such information includes go-to menu items, email addresses, and payment information. 

The more information you can discover about your customers, the better. Various restaurant marketing ideas revolve around the buyer persona, which begins with basic data. 

Efficient operations are the key to successful restaurants. Eliminate manual labor and confusion by partaking in delivery apps with a single POS system. Learn more about Revolution’s Connect, and how we can provide premium marketplace menu pricing while placing order submissions directly into the restaurant’s POS system. 

5. Mobile Ordering Apps 

Mobile ordering apps are the ultimate convenience for customers. They’re also essential for ghost kitchens or small eateries. 

The ability to place off-premise payments is a way to keep up with trends. Many consumers opt for delivery or pick-up to save time and money. 

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that the restaurant industry can thrive in a digital landscape. Mobile ordering apps are just one tool of dozens to maximize a restaurant’s ROI.

The ROI meaning refers to the profits you generate vs. the amount of funds you invest. By featuring your business on mobile apps, you’ll be able to expand your reach to the entire area. Plus, it’ll help eliminate overhead expenses and overall restaurant expenses.

Once you make your business available on such apps, your customer base can grow tenfold. Due to time constraints, not everyone can visit a restaurant. Busy schedules or illnesses can prevent people from leaving the house, too. 

Everyone has a mobile device on hand. Ensure that your restaurant is easily accessible through this consumer technology.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Technology In Restaurants

What Are Online Ordering Systems?

Online ordering systems are a form of restaurant technology that allows people to make digital, off-premise payments. It is an innovative process that every restaurant should onboard. It can quickly turn browsers into customers, right from the comfort of their own homes. 

How Do You Create an Online Order System?

Utilize a POS system, create a mobile menu, and become available on ordering platforms. Each online ordering platform for restaurants will require third-party integrations. So, ensure that all of your software is compatible. 

What Is the Role of Technology In Restaurant Operations?

Technology can assist restaurant owners in boosting sales and up-sell orders. Mobile ordering apps are a prime example of new technology in restaurants that can accelerate business. The convenience of ordering food off-premise opens a restaurant’s business to a whole new sector that may not dine at the physical location. 

Online ordering apps also collect customer data to suggest menu items upon checkout. It’s impossible to include such selling points in person, leading to higher cart values and more profit for your business.

Kiosks are an innovative form of new restaurant technology. They allow consumers to place orders without an employee present. Plus, they allow customers more time to browse the menu. 

Revolution Ordering is an off-premise, omni-channel, direct delivery-enabled ordering platform for individual, franchise, middle market and large multi-unit restaurant enterprises. Take advantage of cutting edge features including 360° order history, live order monitoring, and marketplace order insertion. Contact us for a demo now to see how our off-premise solutions can help grow revenue and earnings of restaurants. Note that Revolution demos are a walkthrough of our software, not a source of business advice.